Implanted invisible headphone

Rich Lee, a "grinder" (someone who has surgical enhancements and/or modifications conducted upon their person), implanted a magnet in his ear that he can use as a speaker; he wears a coil on a necklace that he can use to transmit to it (he was inspired by this Instructable), and is now branching out into some serious experimentation:

Listening to music is nice and probably the most obvious answer, but I intend to do some very creative things with it. The implant itself is completely undetectable to the naked eye. The device & coil necklace are are easily concealed under my shirt so nobody can really see it. I can see myself using it with the gps on my smartphone to navigate city streets on foot. I plan to hook it up to a directional mic of some sort (possibly disguised as a shirt button or something) so I can hear conversations across a room. Having a mic hooked up to it and routed through my phone would be handy. You could use a simple voice stress analysis app to detect when people might be lying to you. Not to say that is a hard science, but I’m sure it could come in handy at the poker table or to pre-screen business clients. I have a contact mic that allows you to hear through walls. That might be my next implant actually.

He also wants to hook it up to an ultrasonic rangefinder and learn to echolocate. He's going blind, so being able to use his hearing for physical nav is going to be important to him. He also wants to hook it up to a Geiger counter.

DIY Headphone Implant (via M1k3y)

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  1. “He also wants to hook it up to an ultrasonic rangefinder and learn to echolocate.”
    Oh yeah…delicious echocolate…where do I sign up? Oh wait…

    1.  I had to double take. I didn’t read that that as Echo-Locate but as eChocolate and was wondering was strange electronic tease was this? eChocolate? Is that like a dietary replacement for REAL chocolate? Huh?


  2. This doesn’t keep crazy people from trying to talk to you on the subway, which is my primary reason for wearing headphones in the first place.

    1. It’s OK—if you’re rocking out or conversing on the phone without visible headphones then everyone will just assume you’re the crazy person.

    1.  well just be aware, grindr is unrelated to that term and not an app to find people with body mods (though you might find some, statistically speaking)

  3. wait a sec…

    “hear conversations across a room…”

    “listen through walls…”

    are you sure we should be encouraging this guy?

  4. Remember when George W. Bush was wearing a coil around his neck so that Karen Hughes could transmit answers to his ear bud during the Kerry Debate? 

    What ever happened to that guy? Did he ever get busted for cheating on the debate? Surely the American people would be enraged if he used something like a build in teleprompter proving that he was an empty suit. 
    Maybe that happened in some parallel universe.

    1. Isn’t that a mic cord? if you could do a wireless mic, why couldn’t you do a wireless answerator?

    2. Him shouting “Let me finish! Let me finish!” in the middle of dead silence in the room during the debate was such a classic moment.

  5. Oh, and btw, If it wasn’t a Wireless Transceiver Loopset, 
    like the the one shown here,
    I would like to know what that was.

    It might have been something legit. A special bulletproof vest? A back brace for an injured back? 

    It even might have been a special device used only by Presidents so that if there was a security threat the President could be contacted an located at any time.
    I don’t always assume something nefarious, but now that Bush is out of office, shouldn’t the American people know?
    Maybe it is classified because the Secret Service don’t want terrorists to know that they always have tracking devices on the President and that they always have a secure method of contacting them. Maybe Obama currently wears one too. If so maybe the Right Wing can ask the question since clearly they would like to know. I mean they are always on about his Teleprompter, surely this device would be even MORE damning. 
    I encourage them to use their power to find out!

  6. The market for non-ferrous ear-hair trimmers is going to peak in about 20 years. 

    1.  Even if nobody is talking to him through the earpiece?

      It would be handy to have a machine analyzing your hands and making notes for you in such a case.  Bur right now that happens constantly with online poker – most ‘serious’ players have parallel databases and ‘HUD’ displays going in the background. 

      1. Yeah,  I don’t know for 100% certain, but I think so long as he has an electronic device, and it’s not provable that he’s NOT getting external signals from it, that it’s verboten.

  7. Dr. Tagore bowed, began to speak.
    His words were inaudible.

    Meth held out a wireless earphone to Krenn.
    He took and inserted it, noticing that Meth
    did not wear one. Krenn wondered if he had
    a direct implant. Klingons rarely had such
    things, wary of taps, of mind control, of
    feedback signals to set the mechanism burning.

    — from The Final Reflection, by John M. Ford

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