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8 Responses to “Jonathan Wilson, one of American rock-n-roll's greatest underappreciated guitar gods”

  1. Tim_Heffernan says:

    Ooh, Xeni, thank you for this. A hot grey solitary summer evening here in New York put me in a certain mood — half nostalgic for the California desert I grew up in, half for my hometown, Miami. This is the perfect soundtrack. Have played it five times in a row, and going back for a sixth. A greyish shade of blue, right on…

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Desert Raven sounded so familiar to me, I thought it was an old CSNY song. I couldn’t place it exactly, though, or where I’d heard it and went hunting. I found an amazing in studio for KEXP that he did just this week on his website: http://www.songsofjonathanwilson.com/. Thanks Xeni, I’m after the vinyl as quick as possible. 

  3. kmoser says:

    I think we found the source of that Windsor hum.

  4. Oh man thanks for posting this I’m only a little sad that I missed his la appearance

  5. eragle says:

    I went ahead and purchased his digital album and I have to say that listening to this is like drinking a smooth glass of whiskey. Very chill and mellow. Thanks Xeni!

  6. Dennis Parrott says:

    Excuse me but The Bard of Motown does NOT spell his last name “Seeger”.

    It is spelled “Seger”.

    Seger, Bob is from Detroit.  Seeger, Pete is a different guy.

    one of his ever-vigilant fans

  7. MrsBug says:

    Very nice. Thanks for the link. I hear a little of that Dire Straits guitar sound, but maybe that’s just me imaging things.

  8. pannonica says:

    Can’t imagine why you thought this was worth posting, unless you were paid to do so. Bland, unimaginative, repetitive. Forgettable vocals. Und so weiter.