State Dept thinks Snowden is in Russia (and they want him)

White House spokesman Jay Carney told Reuters that he thinks that Hong Kong let NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden go as a giant screw-you to America (duh), and says that Snowden is being hidden by the Russians, and says that the USA expects the Kremlin to turn him over.


    1. “We don’t have your Snowden. Here, take this Super Bowl ring, and let’s forget about it.”

  1. Russia’s FSB (successor to the KGB) won’t comment on whether they’ve met with Snowden or copied his data.  Now that he’s there without a valid passport his bargaining position with the Russians is not very strong if they want to search him.   This is not going well for him. 

        1. Yeah, I read that. But I imagine Greenwald and the rest of Wikileaks and whoever else is involved has them. I would find it hard to believe he does not expect to be searched or detained in some capacity while he is globe hoping to his final destination.

        2. A cache is not kept on one’s person. Does anyone really think he has microfiche hidden in his shoe heel?

    1. Yeah, because having a passport and an international arrest warrant after the man holding that passport was such a strong bargaining position to begin with.

      Snowden’s position was desperate from day 1; he’s actually played his cards quite well until this point, all considered. Looking at how the Chinese handled him, I’d say there is nothing with him that is of any value to Russian spooks; his fate is just a big PR game between antagonistic powers now, and he seems to be surfing it fairly well.

  2. I’m so glad that the White House is working on important things that matter to actual Americans, like the economy. 

      1. It’s pretty clear that the administration has no intention of improving the economy.  

  3. “Mr. Snowden’s claim that he is focused on supporting transparency, freedom of the press and protection of individual rights and democracy is belied by the protectors he has potentially chosen – China, Russia, Ecuador, as we’ve seen,” Carney said.

    “His failures to criticize these regimes suggests that his true motive throughout has been to injure the national security of the United States, not to advance Internet freedom and free speech.”

    Somebody page Alanis Morissette.

    1. The irony is that the U.S. just criticized all those countries very publicly, which is hardly diplomatic.

      1. IMO the irony is that the US no longer has ANYTHING resembling transparency, freedom of the press, individual rights, or democracy.

      1. No, because one of their claims is that he caused harm to U.S. relations with those countries. Since they are causing harm themselves, irony is a fair word to use.

        1.  Sorry, I meant the song. You know, Isn’t It Ironic?

          I need to quit being so subtle on BoingBoing.

    2. injure the national security of the United States

      A few more passes around the track and we’ll be complaining that he “hurt the feelings of the American people.” If we’re going to emulate China’s human rights record, we might as well adopt their semantics, as well.

  4. Carney is condemning a government for playing fast and loose with its own laws? HA HA HA HA HA.

  5. Dude, Carney. What is even your job? instead of all this, you should go home and develop a plan to stop sucking

    1. Yeah, he is pretty awful. Like he just ate an Ari Fleischer for breakfast and is belching him up slowly at each briefing. 

  6. Was he ever in Russia?  Why isn’t there a picture/vid of him at the airport there?  Why would WikiLeaks say he was en route to Russia when that would give any interceptors an advance?  Why would Julian Assange say Ed Snowden is in a comfortable place, in high spirits if his journey wasn’t over?  There are missing details here, and I am just not satisfied with the ones we do have, dammit.  I have questions and I want answers!!!  LOL.

  7. Obama should pardon Snowden, and say he’s welcome back in the US. Turns the whole thing around, and would make Obama the president who wants a full and open discussion about the direction our country is headed.

    1.  He and Snowden sit down in the Treaty room for a chat, and then monkeys fly out of Obama’s butt, and into Snowden’s, and then back out again, back and forth for a while.  They smile, shake hands and Snowden walks out, waves to the Secret Service , and on up the street for a Frosty.

        1.  Just as Snowden is about to double over in intestinal distress on the DC streets, Julian Assange steps out of the shadows, wearing a different suit (that old one was so… last year), and hands him some Lactaid.  “Here, son, take some of this.  It’ll make you feel better.”  They waltz into the sunset, boarding a friendly black helicopter for Ecuador, firing their machine guns into the sky with glee.

  8. I for one am furious other nations are disobeying the President. Who do they think they are?

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