700+ Texans ask lawmakers to hear "People's Filibuster" about abortion rights


4 Responses to “700+ Texans ask lawmakers to hear "People's Filibuster" about abortion rights”

  1. getawaysticks says:

    Good on them – this law is a total disaster.

  2. Maledictorian says:

    This story is a little off. Public testimony is over. Texas Senator Wendy Davis has launched a 13-hour filibuster to try to kill the bill. If she can talk until midnight the special session ends and the bill dies. There are a lot of people in the Texas capitol today to support Wendy. Here’s a liveblog and summary of what’s going on: http://www.texastribune.org/2013/06/24/dems-approach-abortion-victory-special-session-wan/

  3. grimc says:

    It’s so weird: I was sure on Sunday it was 2013, but according to this and SCOTUS gutting the VRA, it’s 1964.

  4. incipientmadness says:

    Don’t tell me the Texas Occupy movements didn’t teach us something. We lost Tranquility Park, but took The Capitol. Fair Trade.

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