Why I'm not boycotting Ender's Game


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  1. BillMorgenthien

    I'm not entirely convinced that boycotts and blacklists are the same thing. Trying to get Card dropped by DC is definitely in the blacklisting category and not the way to go. Making a market choice to not support (read: reward) Card's odious public sentiments is quite another. Do I wish to see Card prevented from making a living? No. Do I personally not wish to further enrich someone I disagree with? Yes. I'm not going to encourage a picket line or protest my local AMC theater. I am simply choosing not to buy a ticket, and telling anyone I know exactly why I decided not to.

  2. Antinous

    This is why black activists have learned that they can only trust white liberals so far, why feminists have learned that they can only trust their sympathetic men friends so far, why LGBT people have learned that we can only trust our straight friends so far. No matter how much they want to be helpful, the fact that they can fall back on privilege inevitably deforms their perspective on the matter. They will always end up retreating to doing whatever they damned well please because, ultimately, it doesn't directly affect them.

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