Spies clean up in Eve Online

High drama from the world of Eve Online, where a week ago, a spy stole 400 billion ISK, and this week, a trusted player who was secretly a spy masterminded the destruction of a rare ship worth 390 billion ISK (the in-game currency, not to be confused with Icelandic Krona). Eve is notorious for high-denomination economic shenanigans, including a credit crunch, a massive Ponzi scheme, large-scale espionage, another Ponzi scheme, and more.

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  1. I'm always interested in these stories, even though I have never played Eve Online. And I feel like it's way too late to start now.

    But that's probably a good thing. If I was there from early on, I'd probably not have a job or a life at this point. heh.

    "I'm bored, lets do something newsworthy!"

  2. I'd probably not have a job or a life

    I listened to a little bit of the soundcloud recording of that guy flipping out over his game losses or whatever. It reminded me of this guy:

  3. I find these stories mildly amusing, although I watched the space ship video and have absolutely no idea what's going on. Also, I'm surprised than in-game ponzi schemes are legal if the in-game currency can be traded for $$$.

  4. Officially, ISK can't be converted to real money but like anything more than one person values, you can find people who will pay a player real money for ISK.

    ISK can be use to pay for an account's monthly subscription but that's probably not sufficiently money-like to run afoul of various country's laws. Or more likely it's just too small potatoes for government attorneys to pay attention.

  5. There are no classes in Eve-online. The spy in this case is just that: someone who created a fake identity to infiltrate an organization to attain access to that organization's assets, information, etc. Acquiring such access usually requires gaining the trust of the owners, and that may involve social engineering and other metagame tactics. Consequently, such infiltrations can take a very long time. Months or longer is not unheard of.

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