Chinese World of Warcraft crime-boss sentenced to two years

The leader of a clan of Chinese Warcraft fences has been sentenced to two years in prison and been fined $8,000 for buying stolen World of Warcraft logins, then logging into the accounts and selling off all their virtual gold and assets. They reportedly attacked 11,500 accounts and netted $10,800. Read the rest

Spies clean up in Eve Online

High drama from the world of Eve Online, where a week ago, a spy stole 400 billion ISK, and this week, a trusted player who was secretly a spy masterminded the destruction of a rare ship worth 390 billion ISK (the in-game currency, not to be confused with Icelandic Krona). Eve is notorious for high-denomination economic shenanigans, including a credit crunch, a massive Ponzi scheme, large-scale espionage, another Ponzi scheme, and more. Read the rest

Excellent sushi commercial

[Video Link] (thanks, Vince Fogerty)

UPDATE: Steven Leckart alerts us to the fact that this commercial was directed by Daisuke Izumi. Lisa Katayama wrote about him here on Tokyomango, and here are a couple of other wonderful spots he created: one, two. Read the rest

Coming to Chicago (then Portland, San Francisco, Austin, Raleigh and NYC!)

Hey, Chicagoans! I'm headed your way this week for the kick-off of the tour for my new young adult novel, For the Win. I'll be at Anderson's Books in Naperville on Weds, May 12 at 7PM and at the Chicago Public Library Harold Washington Library Center on Thurs, May 13 at 5PM.

My next city is Portland, OR, where I'll be at the Powell's Location in Beaverton on May 15. From there, I head to San Francisco (EFF benefit!), Austin, Raleigh and NYC. Hope I get a chance to see you!

Full tour schedule

Previously: My "For the Win" book-tour: ORD, SEA, PDX, SFO, AUS, RDU, NYC, YYZ ... Reading from FOR THE WIN - YA science fiction novel about gold ... Read the rest