Kickstarting an east London fablab

Douglas sez, "Artist support agency, SPACE, is using Kickstarter to set up a FabLab, bringing affordable 3D printing, laser cutting and more to artists and creatives in Hackney, London. With 'Tech City' growing next door to SPACE's East London studios, it wasn't long before they saw the potential of Kickstarter which recently launched in the UK. The campaign's up and running now, gaining momentum and should show the potential of Kickstarter to other arts organisations. Key for many pledgers are the rewards they get and SPACE's campaign is no different. £20 pledgers can get year long memberships of the FabLab with lots of artists already signing up. Top level pledgers will receive 1 of 10 individual, 3D printed sculptures by Hackney based, SPACE artist, Ryan Gander."