Texas: the America of America tee

Spotted at Comic-Con: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's "Texas: The America of America" tee. Don't mess with it. $19, designed by Shawn Coss.

Texas shirt

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  1. "Don't Mess With Texas" is the state's anti-littering campaign. Why must folks be so prejudiced? There are so many other reasons to mock Texas and Texans. Why not check out Don't Mess With Texas... it's a pretty good thing.

    pretty sweet SRV psa

  2. petzl says:

    The message isn't scary. What's scary is how many ppl in the US could wear this T-shirt unironically.

  3. what's scary is how many people in the US take the message to be something it isn't. I visited some long-time friends and they were angry when I produced a "don't mess with texas" shirt for their daughter, then embarrassed when I explained what it actually meant.

    In the years I lived in San Jose I didn't have a single friend that adopted a highway. about half of my friends in texas have (me included). Perhaps folks should be less condescending and start their own "Don't Mess" campaigns.

    I realize that Texas and Texans are a joke to many folk... the disdain flows as much towards texas as from texas.

    I'm a seventh-generation Texan, liberal for the most part... I don't have thin skin and I love the shirt... i'll probably wind up procuring one. Texans, for the most part, kind of annoy me too wink

  4. As a smirking masshole, I'd like to remind the illegal enemy combatants south of the mason-dixon line who the real Americans are.

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