"You're dressed like whores!" - Christians vs Comics in San Diego


Galactus, AKA Edward, competes with street preacher Ruben Israel for the love and forebearance of mankind at San Diego Comic Con.


"Who is the real fanatic? Me or this lunatic?" shouted Israel into his megaphone. 20130720-113514.jpg

Humanity's options dwindle at San Diego Comic-Con.

20130720-113621.jpg Captive audience: street preachers appeal to Comic-con convention goers at a tramline crosswalk in San-Diego. "Look at you girls, dressed like whores!" shouted one of the preachers, who identified himself as Ruben Israel.

Notable Replies

  1. I think the Comic-con attendees should just call over to the barricade and smile and compliment the protesters, like "Wow, great costume! You totally nailed the "religious psycho" [or "creepy pedophile" or "angry moron"] character! Good work!" And walk away . . . smiling.

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