NSA spying may be harming American tech companies’ bottom line


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  1. Taniwha

    Why yes it is - I removed Skype from my computer this very morning - no more business from me so long as you help your government spy on me

  2. rocketpj

    Before anyone says it - this is not Snowden's fault. This is the fault of the hubristic morons at the NSA who are actually abusing their power.

    They were operating on the assumption that because a lot of the internet happens in the US right now, it will continue that way forever. That assumption is false, and they have gone a long way to ensuring that there will be a strong interest in setting things up differently and elsewhere.

  3. Extrema

    It's not just loss of foreign business that will affect our tech companies. Until Congress makes a strong, unambiguous privacy law, AND we have assurance that our deceitful government will actually obey it, my personal data is out of the cloud. Have switched to a zero-knowledge online backup, and pulled my data out of Evernote into local storage.

    Can anyone recommend a video chat that's secure from intrusion?

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