Amanda Palmer: "Dear Daily Mail"

After the UK tabloid the Daily Mail "reviewed" Amanda Palmer's Glastonbury appearance by reporting extensively on the fact that one of her breasts "escaped" her bra, Palmer responded with a dandy song called "Dear Daily Mail," which she performs here. The Mail is not even usable as birdcage liner -- it's a kind of one-note joke of immense and terrifying popularity, and whenever I see someone reading it in public, I always check to see if they've got velcro shoe-closures. Hard to believe that someone who takes the Fail seriously could muster the intellectual power to tie their own shoelaces.

Amanda Palmer: Dear Daily Mail

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  1. So, let's recap: a professional attention troll whose every breath is dedicated to making sure everyone knows how outrageous she is provoked a tabloid whose every breath is dedicated to being outraged, and the professional attention troll responds by being even more outrageous!?

    I've think we've discovered a perpetual motion machine.

  2. Neither. I just find people who are so desperately provocative without actually saying anything meaningful to be kind of tiresome. I don't think she's a terrible person or anything. I just think she's a bore.

  3. I'm with you, Raskolnik. I think Cory's description "...a kind of one-note joke of immense and terrifying popularity..." applies just as well to Amanda Palmer as it does to the Daily Mail.

  4. What the hell is "light to heat" ratio? I'm not even a fan of hers (I'm just not that cool), but man. I wonder how often you call male artists "attention trolls". All of your opinions are painfully subjective and really, not particularly relevant to the topic at hand.

    She's a writer and a pretty dang good piano player and has great stage presence and has made some cool songs and videos and even a not-really-a-fan like me can tell that she's very talented.

    She's an outspoken female entertainer and she gets naked sometimes and she says and does things that you don't really understand or feel a personal connection to! That means she's an attention troll, amiright? Because she makes you uncomfortable?

    I wonder how much her not being mainstream attractive while also being very outspoken about her sexuality in various ways has to do with it...

  5. Man oh man. What a divisive character she turns out to be. FWIW, though I'm new enough to the new BBS to have only 34 posts to my name (but I had to look it up), I'm no noob around here. And honestly I'm having difficulty seeing legitimate reasons to castigate raskolnik so. Maybe there are those who think BoingBoing is, by nature, an Amanda-Palmer-loving place, but I guess it needs to be said that not every "legitimate" poster hereabouts thinks all that much of her or her talent. I almost hesitate to point out that Dean Putney was among those who Liked raskolnik's first two comments in this thread.

    I'm no fan of her work, though I don't believe she's talent-free. She does seem to have a fairly decent gift for self-promotion, especially in methods that turn out to be pretty successful in our day and age, and I can certainly see how she can piss people off, both for sexist reasons as well as for others. Some people just don't like to see other people succeed.

    Whatever. raskolnik said, time and again, how he finds her nothing more than a boring attention-monger. Boredom is subjective, so we can't really argue that. As for the attention-monger part, well, in that Guardian interview, she had this to say:

    "If you stuck me in a room and gave me art-making tools but told me no one would ever see the results, I don't think I'd have much desire to make art," she says. "What I do comes from a deep desire to be seen and to see others."

    Not that there's anything wrong with that in and of itself, but for what it's worth, most of my favorite artists are those who create their art regardless if there's any audience paying attention. They create because they must obey their muse, not because they need to be seen doing so. I was a Theatre Arts major in college, and though I never particularly wanted to be an actor, I've always known and been friends and colleagues with many actors. Some of those were people who would spend hours making faces into a mirror, practicing voices and characters quietly in a corner, playing make-believe with small children... they simply loved pretending and fantasizing and inhabiting different skins and lives and moods and stories, and those are my favorite people in the world.

    And then there were those who just needed to be the center of attention, the Class Clowns, the ones whose mindset always seemed to be, in the words of George Carlin, "Dig ME!" Every spring during pilot season I see a lot of these types moving into the Oakwood Toluca Hills apartments down the block from Warner Bros, hoping to land themselves a sitcom. These are not my favorite people in the world.

    I don't see where raskolnik has made a remotely sexist comment (unless it's been since I started writing this post), and I don't believe any of you have, either. My own sexism will be judged apart from raskolnik's though I might as well admit that I've met more tiresome, narcissistic, self-promoting male actors than I have female ones, compared to the "cool" ones that I like of both genders. And it's also not quite intellectually honest to assume that raskolnik created an account solely to disparage Ms Palmer, rather than this thread coming up coincidentally with raskolnik's account creation. It may be the case, or it may not, and it doesn't matter at all. We all had to sign up sometime, and maybe it was to respond to a particular thread and maybe it wasn't. Whatever. I could just as easily have posted raskolnik's first post myself, and it's a wee bit silly to slap down what we perceive to be a locally-unpopular opinion simply because we think it's locally unpopular (as opposed to blatantly sexist, racist, or intolerably obnoxious). Doesn't matter that this is a thread about Ms Palmer. We're all perfectly free to post in threads about topics that interest us, even negatively. Should we refrain from bashing the NSA in threads about that organization? Yes. Yes, you're being that silly.

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