Angry monkey scalp-tattoo

An anonymous Internet fellow had the back of his scalp tattooed with a rather fetching angry monkey. I'm not sure if he had his head shaved and inked, or if this is male-pattern baldness, but I would appreciate any background you could provide in our comments.

(via Geekologie)

Notable Replies

  1. That's bananas ! (It had to be said....)

  2. I've heard scalp tattoos are painful as hell.

  3. If it was typical male pattern baldness I would think only the eyes would be showing. Hey that gives me a creepy idea...

  4. Should have been Beast Jesus.

  5. No one decided it is shopped yet? If it is real I do wonder how it will look if the hair can/is allowed to grow back with the monkey looking out at people thought the hair. As above it is not the typical pattern for pattern baldness but I do wonder if the temptation to do something like this increases if you have an atypical bald spot.

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