Squirrels hell-bent on destruction of American electric infrastructure


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  1. greggman

    Governments train dolphins to find mines who says they can't train squirrels to take out infrastructure wink

  2. jeffbell924

    There is a legend that every time the power blinks, a squirrel gets its wings.

  3. stefanjones

    Dogs have been warning us about this for decades, but do we take their advice and burn the suckers out of the trees with flame-throwers or shoot them off of fence posts with shotguns?


    We tell the dogs to be quiet and drag them away, leaving the commie punk saboteur squirrels to gnaw away at our precious infrastructure.

  4. DevinC

    Funny, the Smithsonian Magazine had an article about a similar problem: ground squirrels were burrowing past the fences of a nuclear weapons storage facility and setting off the motion detectors (http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2013/08/how-one-nuclear-missile-base-is-battling-ground-squirrels/).

    I would have thought that, with a squirrel problem on one hand, and a ready supply of nuclear weapons on the other, the obvious solution would present itself.

  5. maggiekb

    Nuke 'em all, and let God squeak it out.

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