Heinlein's bed up for auction


Want to sleep in Robert A Heinlein's bed? The Heinlein Society was unable to find a museum to take this artifact from his home so they are now selling it on eBay. Apparently designed and built by the writer himself, the bed platform has drawers underneath and two side tables, each with "a drawer, a pull out writing surface, and shelf space, as well as a compartment suitable for a box of tissues, and a trash compartment with a removable container." Robert A Heinlein's Bed (Thanks, Dave Gill!)

Notable Replies

  1. Why is it when I sleep in this bed I feel like a sexist little boy?

  2. Bob really liked his built-ins.

  3. Too bad it's across the country to me; it's perfect! Plus Heinlein - my first sci-fi/soft porn!

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