Google's lobbyists go big on climate change denial, raise money for Inhofe & Competitive Enterprise Insitute

Brad from Forecast the Facts sez, "Google is throwing its money around in DC politics, led by Republican operative Susan Molinari. Unfortunately, that means that Google's lobbyists have discarded its 'Don't be evil' philosophy. They're now holding fundraisers for Sen. Jim Inhofe ("Global warming is a hoax'), bankrolling Competitive Enterprise Institute ('CO2: We Call It Life'), and joining the American Legislative Exchange Council ('Even substantial global warming is likely to be of benefit to the United States').

"In response, hundreds of people have flooded the Google+ page for the Google DC headquarters with one-star reviews. The page also now includes photographs from the protest organized by Forecast the Facts and Greenpeace during the Google DC fundraiser for Inhofe. This digital activism is only part of a 150,000-person strong campaign led by Forecast the Facts, which has organized protests of Google in DC, Mountain View, and New York City. Google doesn't have to be evil to be a part of our democratic system. The company should be working to fix the corruption, not financing it."

Google - About - Google+ (Thanks, Brad!)

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  1. cegev says:

    Yes, we fixed it. The Antarctic ozone hole is gradually recovering. Instead of arguing about whether a problem existed, and choosing to do nothing, we researched the problem, came up with a strong international agreement to fix it, and made it so that now, we no longer have to talk about it all the time.

  2. That's a great NOAA site, Cowicide. Let's have a look at very long running tide gauges found there, to get "back to reality" indeed.

    First up New York City, which shows that despite a burst in CO₂ emissions, THE TREND REMAINS DEFIANTLY THE SAME:

    How about San Francisco, which shows THE TREND REMAINS THE SAME:

    Uh...Florida, which shows THE TREND REMAINS THE SAME:

    Hawaii also ignores headline alarm since THE TREND REMAINS THE SAME, debunking claims that there is yet any amplified greenhouse effect found in real data:

  3. That plot as you probably well know should not be labelled "sea level" at all and is from Church & White 2008. The record I showed above is from Church & White 2011 which shows the real average of world tide gauges. Your plot involves not just "global" which my above plot also is, but "adjustments" to actual sea level that destroy the scientific process by making data fit theory instead of try to correct for errors in that data to make data reflect reality better. It also combines very short data with long continuous records.

    Just be honest, no matter which chart I show you if it doesn't lend itself to your predetermined mindset, you're going to reject it. It's how you deniers work.

    Beginning to see a pattern there? No, you can't.... won't... dare... see it. Brain can't be wrong. Brain can't be wrong. Argggghhh..... Heh..heh...

    Basic logic

    That's a good one....

  4. This isn't feeding trolls. It's destroying astroturfers with science. There's a difference and allowing these schmucks to control the conversation all these years without rebutting them is part of the reason we're in this horrible mess in the first place.

    Set phasers on kill.

  5. Yeah, it just burns my ass when I see all those climatologists buzzing around in their fancy cars with their fast women when poor, hard-working oil company executives have to get by on Kraft dinner and catsup. Those rich, playboy scientists will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes!

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