Arizona repeals 1864 abortion ban

Arizona legislators voted to repeal the state's total ban on abortion, an 1864 law revived by its courts after the U.S. Supreme Court dismantled Roe v. Wade. It was a close thing—most Republicans voted to keep the Civil War-era prohibition—but it's now on Democrat governor Katie Hobbs' desk and she will sign it.

The near-total ban, which predates Arizona's statehood, permits abortions only to save the patient's life and provides no exceptions for survivors of rape or incest. In a ruling last month, the Arizona Supreme Court suggested doctors could be prosecuted under the law first approved in 1864, which carries a sentence of two to five years in prison for anyone who assists in an abortion.

The result will still leave Arizona with a 15-week ban on abortion, pushed through by Republicans in 2022.

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