$215,653.58 AT&T bill

The individual says he's been fighting the charge since March with no resolution in sight.

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  1. Bills like this is why I never allow anyone to do an automatic deduction from my checking account. It either has to filter through a charge card or have me manually intervene in the payment process. Imagine having your entire bank account wiped out because of a billing error that takes months to resolve.

    Years ago when I had an AT&T account, they left off my apartment number so the bills didn't show up. After a few months of no bills, I called them to see what was the deal before my service got shut off. The CSR told me that the post office was returning the bills to them as address unknown. AT&T had my apartment number, they just weren't printing it on the bills. To make things worse, I asked why they didn't let me know the bills were being returned and the CSR told me "We didn't know how to get in contact with you." My brain about exploded. Gee... how about on the telephone whose service I'm buying from you?

  2. I called the water company to tell them there was a mistake b/c my bill was over $800 and it had never been over $40 for all the years I had lived there. The customer service rep was indignant and insisted that there was NOT a problem, I needed to pay the bill. She had this attitude like I was some low life trying to pull a fast one. Finally when I would not stop protesting she said: "Would you like to speak to a superviser?" {to get rid of me). So the supervisor arranged for a re-reading of my meter.

    Low and behold, it was a mis-read b/c of a crack in the meter's glass cover -- just like I told her in the first 20 seconds of my call.

    The thing that still gets me is the rep's absolute insistence that there was no possible way the bill was wrong and the attitude to match.

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