Google's 5-part documentary about The Clash

I just found out about this documentary of my favorite band, The Clash, which was produced by Google. Above: it's Topper, Paul, and Mick!

In this exclusive documentary featuring never-before-seen footage of the late, great Joe Strummer, all four members of “the only band that matters” walk us through the making of each of their classic albums. Newly re-mastered versions of those albums are available below, along with a new hits collection based on the set list from one of Joe’s favorite gigs. Plus, four contemporary bands inspired by the Clash’s legacy offer their own takes on the band’s songs. If you already love the Clash, watch and listen and we guarantee you’ll hear something new. If you don’t, you’ll hear why you should.

Google produces a five part documentary on the Clash featuring the remaining band members talking through their classic albums and never-before-seen footage of Joe Strummer (Via The World's Best Ever)

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  1. Not available in Canada.

    Damn near nothing is, ever. It's like the CRTC wants us to become avid Pirate Bay members.

  2. Like a lot of the Punk and pseudo-Punk of my youth, I find it near-impossible to listen to the first two Clash albums (and various myriad singles) - the misguided politics haven't worn well through the decades ("white riot? I wanna riot?" - yeah, of course they were being ironic!) It's only when the group morphed into a meandering pop band (with tons of guest stars) that the boys became listenable.

    I wonder if the discussion of the band's "classic albums" will include "Cut the Crap" which is basically the "Plan 9 from Outer Space" of albums. Glad to hear that yet another "BEST OF" Clash album will be available...I think there have been at least two box sets and numerous compilations released. One more will surely feed the fires of revolution (make that "fires of bloated Capitalism") - Strummer is always deemed the de-facto leader of the Clash, yet Mick Jones truly shaped the band's sound and rounded off the edges pop-wise to create a more palatable soundscape in the face of the Clash's scurvy polemics and strange politics.

    Jones' Big Audio Dynamite conglomeration also did some fun and innovative things. It's a shame that the best Clash song - "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" - is the song I'm most likely to switch off if I hear it on the radio (usually right after "Billie Jean" or "Stairway to Heaven") - the Clash tend to be pigeon-holed as a musical entity of change and action. In reality, they became just another FM Classic Rock band

  3. Off topic, really, but I am so very glad that I got to see The Gorillaz live tour a couple years back that had both Paul and Mick on stage (along with a lot of other great talent). Such a good time. Expensive show and worth every penny.

    (A side note about a touching moment from that show: Damon Albarn expressed clear and sincere delight when a girl maybe 11 or 12 years old in the front row handed him a bouquet of roses. Ok, done being off topic now...)

  4. Personally, I'm still quite bored with the USA.

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