Grumpy cat wants a gnu Internet

Hugh sez, "EFF'r Parker Higgins tells me this sign was at a rally he spoke at in Berlin recently."

Grumpy Cat builds a GNU Internet [Frerk Meyer/CC BY-SA]

(Thanks, Hugh!)

Notable Replies

  1. Techies, Is the current Internet still heavily BSD? I seem to recall that most tcp/ip stacks were based on BSD.

  2. The GNU internet, will be very similar to the current one, in that it will be full of kitties.

  3. Jule says:

    Isn't this just one of the German Pirate Party's campaigning posters for the federal election this Sunday? I think I've seen it in Berlin-Pankow.

  4. Jule says:

    :D:D Thanks for the links! I really miss the Pirate Party's posters when cycling through the western part of Berlin...especially Zehlendorf and Wilmersdorf. I should have bought some posters earlier to cheer up those poor pirates-deprived neighbourhoods a little...

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