Breaking Bad fans in Albuquerque: here's the one viewing party not to miss

Miguel Jaramillo has all the details here on Facebook, and tickets are available here. "There will be a special appearance by Rodney Rush (Combo), live art by local artist Cloud Face, silent auction, chance of winning Breaking Bad merchandise and memorabilia in a random giveaway, and special Breaking Bad inspired drinks. Let us begin the grieving process together in the city that's become synonymous with Breaking Bad."

Notable Replies

  1. The linked page says:

    The curtain will soon be drawn for Breaking Bad, the show that put
    Albuquerque on the map.

    Ahem, point of order: Breaking Bad is a great show, but the show that put Albuquerque on the map is Bugs Bunny.

  2. search twitter for "breaking bad s05e09" or whatever. you'll find many people, um, discussing the episode.

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