Brewbot: Kickstarting an Arduino-based automated brewing system

Jonny sez, "I'm Jonny, from Belfast in Ireland. I was just at XOXO and I've spent over a year working on a project to make brewing simple, accessible, and beautiful. The appliance can be monitored and controlled with your smartphone; it's called Brewbot."

Brewbot is a smart brewing appliance that you can control and monitor with your smartphone. Never brewed? No problem. Our goal was to make an easy-to-use, controlled environment that is aesthetically pleasing, and frees up brewers to focus on the recipes. You don't need to know anything about brewing. You are guided through the process from beginning to end.

The whole process is pretty simple. Buy your ingredients from a local brew-shop or online, setup your recipe in the app and connect your iPhone to Brewbot.

Create or choose a recipe to begin brewing. Tap ‘Start Brew’ to automatically add the exact amount of water to be heated. Once heated the valve in the container releases and the water runs into the mashtun, where the grain lies.

At the end of the process the wort filters through the plate cooler, cooling it from 100°C to under 22°C, now ready to ferment.

We have used stainless steel vessels as fermentation tanks. They are sealed and opaque as hops are light sensitive. Light (specifically UV rays) will skunk the beer and produce off-flavors.

Brewbot: The Smart Brewing Appliance