Make a temperature-sensing mini-blind controller

Steve Hoefer is one of my favorite makers (check out his other projects for MAKE here). He writes: "I built this mini blind minder to open and close [my window blinds] automatically. It’s powered by an Arduino microcontroller, which uses a temperature sensor to read the room temperature and then activates a servomotor to open the slats when it’s too cool and close them when it’s too warm. It has an adjustable thermostat and it can also be operated manually to open or close your blinds with a push of a button."

Here's how to build your own Mini Blind Minder

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  1. I thought about doing something similar for my plants. I live in a west facing midrise above the height of the nearby trees. The sun is too intense in the afternoon but during the morning it would be nice to have blinds open so the houseplants could get light. When the sun got too strong in the afternoon, they'd close, saving both the plants and the air conditioning cost. I'd do it myself but I'm at the office when the change needs to happen.

  2. I'm going to make one of these for the sexy neighbor lady and make a cooling ray device for myself.

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