Wildcat: galloping 16mph robot

Wildcat is a fast-sprinting, 16MPH Boston Dynamics robot whose gallop is a precision joy to behold.

Boston Dynamics is often featured here for its amazing robots: the humanoid Petman; the zippy Cheetah; the high-jumping Urban Hopper; the pole-climbing Rise; and the pack-slinging BigDog.

Introducing WildCat (via JWZ)

Notable Replies

  1. Once they lower the noise level of operating these robots, they will make terrifying weapons of war.

  2. I'm going to have to re-think my "I only need a katana" idea for the coming drone wars.

  3. Ok who's gonna be the first one to saddle this thing and ride it?

  4. IMB says:

    I see these as useful for the running of the bulls. Idiots can still get run over, no bulls will be hurt. Win/win.

  5. you might as well just be terrified of horse mounted police -- says the person who has never seen footage of a cavalry charge by mounted riot police. Or the real thing.

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