Jellyfish-killing robots

Jeros (Jellyfish Elimination RObotic Swarm) does what it says on the tin: sends robots out to kill the shit out of jellyfish. JWZ has rounded up some of the better videos showing the Jeros bots shredding jellies like crazy on a test in Masan Bay, South Korea.


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  1. Jelly fish have caused problems with at least one nuclear power plant by clogging the intake pipes which bring in sea water to cool the plant.

  2. Between global warming and humans pumping highly nutritious run-off into the oceans -- plus, quite probably, lots of other factors -- there have been significant jellyfish population booms in some waters, enough to make quite a mess of areas where humans have been fishing. And yes, our general response to a population boom in pest species has tended to be to find some way to kill them off -- introducing predators (which has its own history of problems), or trapping or poisoning or shooting.

    As to whether this is a good solution or not... I haven't a clue; I don't know enough about population dynamics of the ocean food chain, and I can't judge how selective this widget really is in what it purees. And even assuming it works, I'm not sure what the release of the nutrients tied up in the jellyfish into the water will do to the population of everything else.

    In a way, of course, this is another aspect of our having always assumed the oceans were too large for us to affect -- we also assumed they were too large to change much, period. But there must have been booms and busts there as on land, We may just have to accept that we don't know as much as we thought we did about what to expect, and figure out ways to adapt... and accept that in some situations we are going to be outcompeted.

  3. You do realize that jellyfish are A) completely brainless and have no Earthly idea what's happening because they lack any thought process what so ever and B) they are damaging. Although they play some role in the aquatic ecosystem it isn't MAJOR by any means besides being the primary food source for leatherback turtles (largest turtle actually).

    Plus this machine would (if) only be deployed in certain areas to keep that area clean of these creatures. They aren't trying to make the species complete instinct or anything. Plus there are literally BILLIONS of them...far more that all humans x it's not a loss at all.

    They are stinging plants that react to stimuli and are the primary food source for one species that isn't even near the areas this will/would be used. I say "meh".

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