Gorgeous skullface makeup: Join Me in Death

IgnacioEspejo's "Join Me In Death" is a makeup/costume piece on DeviantArt, photographed by lamuchan; it's spectacular design, and beautifully shot. He says it took 2h30m to sit through the makeup, but clearly, it was worth every minute.

Join Me In Death (via Kadrey)

Notable Replies

  1. FTFY

    I assume you don't get invited to many Halloween parties.

  2. IMB says:

    I thought the point was being made that at a particular age, you don't need the make-up to look like death.
    But I thought beginning at 13 was a tad harsh.

  3. It's my understanding that many adults in Italy still enjoy dressing up in costumes from time to time.

  4. Death finds these "death face" images to be racially insensitive.

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