Buy the cheap orange foundation Trump uses

Xeni just posted a link to the Washington Post's story about Trump's undocumented personal servants, who spilled the beans on his personal oddities. It revealed the brand of makeup he uses as Bronx Color, a premium-mediocre Swiss brand with a perfect "Alaska Fried Chicken"-esque name to evoke American panache for eurotrash customers.

Here's a link to what I suspect is what's slathered on the presidential chops: the Nutmeg WPF06 Waterproof foundation []. It's about 14 euros and heaven knows if they'll ship it to the States. It's occasionally found at Amazon but currently sold out.

Bronx Color is already milking the mention, but to push a product that is too orange, even by Trumpian standards, to be the one he uses all over.

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Streamers using bizarre makeup jobs that look perfect when filtered

Streamers are adopting peculiar makeup patterns designed to look good—or at least achieve specific effects—when processed through app filters, reports the South China Morning Post. Some commenters are aghast at the supposed vanity and artificality of the youngsters doing the streaming, but it strikes me as very similar to old TV makeup from the black-and-white era. If the image is distorted, correcting the distortion becomes a science and manipulating it an art.

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Jason Voorhees, unmasked

Jason Voorhees, the handsome hockey-masked villain of slasher series Friday the 13th, gets plenty of unmasking scenes—and new look each time. Read the rest

Superb makeup transformation from young woman to elderly genius

Frustratingly, this video has no data about the identity of the incredible genius featured therein. Who is she? Read the rest

Watch how gross makeup looks at 1600x magnification

YouTuber Tina Yong grabbed an inexpensive digital microscopic camera and shot some extreme closeups of her makeup, to horrifying results. Read the rest

Crayola now has a line of gender-fluid makeup

I'm not making this up: Crayola is making makeup.

Yep, in a partnership with young adult retail brand ASOS, Crayola now has a line of 58 vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, which includes "face crayons," mascara, highlighters, and eyeshadow palettes. Shades, such as Tumbleweed and Dandelion, match the names of actual Crayola crayons.

Elle notes the collection is "gender fluid," citing a press release about the line from ASOS. They also note that both men and women are shown wearing the product in the campaign's photos.

And no, you can't just use real crayons as makeup. They're not "designed, tested, or approved" for that purpose, according to the crayon giant's website.

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A guide to North Indian vs. South Indian bridal makeup

Beauty YouTuber Jovita George has a really cool series in which she contrasts two cultures’ makeup styles on the two sides of her face. (She’s previously done French vs. American makeup, British vs. Italian makeup, and Japanese vs. Russian makeup.) In her latest video, George contrasts the Hindu bridal makeup that’s popular in South Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh with Muslim bridal makeup that’s popular in the Punjab region as well as Pakistan. As George points out, no one makeup look can represent an entire culture and there are plenty of regional (not to mention personal) differences that determine what someone wants to wear on their wedding day. But this double tutorial is still a fascinating glimpse into two very different bridal styles. Read the rest

The Thoughts & Prayers makeup tutorial

Beauty vlogger Sailor J is known for her biting social commentary, according to Allure:

In Sailor J's "T & P Makeup Look" video, the 21-year-old uses beauty products by a brand called Thoughts & Prayers. If you haven't heard of Thoughts & Prayers, that's because it's nonexistent, as are the completely useless invisible products she wields to supposedly change her look — just like the completely useless thoughts and prayers she says "rich, indifferent people in Congress [tweet about] often, usually after a national tragedy like the Parkland shooting."

...The first step is an invisible foundation named "If You're White, It's a Mental Illness and If You're Brown, You're a Terrorist," which she proceeds to put on the back of her hand. Don't see it? "It's probably because you're not strong enough in the spirit," she says with sarcastic conviction. As she swirls the empty brush on her face, she claims it "makes a world of difference."

At the end of her now-viral video, Sailor J points to the GoFundMe page that is taking donations to benefit the victims and families of the recent Parkland, Florida high school shooting. Read the rest

Artist's nail art self-portraits include hair

Makeup artist Dain Yoon likes to push the envelope with her work, and her new nail portraits complete with real hair are definitely doing that. Read the rest

This makeup artist creates impressive trompe l'oeil on her lips

Vancouver makeup artist Mimi Choi creates amazing trompe l'oeil illusions on the faces and bodies of herself and others. Read the rest

Using actual vintage makeup to create a modern makeup look

Jessica Vill of BehindTheBunzie uses 75- to 80-year-old makeup made in 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s to create a contemporary makeup look. And she shows off some cool vintage makeup ads along the way. Read the rest

The top 5 best drugstore foundations (out of 100 tests)

Personally, I’m a Bare Minerals powder foundation gal, but if you’re looking for a new drugstore foundation, here are some options to try out. Read the rest

Social media's other (cooler!) makeup artists: women who specialize in gory sfx

There are plenty of extremely talented young women who make good money running social media feeds of their fantastic makeup artistry, but they don't have a patch on the artistry of the women and girls who specialize in horror makeup effects, perfecting and sharing techniques for the grossest, greatest prosthetic-and-paint monster and gore effects. Read the rest

LED eyelashes coming to a dance floor near you went to the Maker Faire in the East Bay, where they found Tien Pham sporting his latest creation: F.Lashes, interactive LED false eyelashes. Read the rest

Amazing body paint illusion of a woman cut in half

Israeli makeup magician Ilana Kolihanov created this wonderfully creepy optical illusion. See more of her incredible work on her Instagram feed.

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Woman transforms herself into Betty Boop

Boop boop be doop! Makeup and cosplay YouTuber Jbunzie shows you how to pull off this iconic Betty Boop retro look by following her step-by-step tutorial. Read the rest

Here’s what happened when women stopped wearing makeup for a week

BuzzFeed asked four women to spend a week without makeup and then interviewed them about their experiences. Read the rest

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