Reading net creates a kids' level in a library

Spain's Playoffice -- a design firm focused on kid-centric designs -- conceived of the "reading net" as a way of transforming "a traditional family library into a fun place for kids." It looks amazing.

Reading net | PLAYOFFICE (via That Book Smell)

Notable Replies

  1. They have a family library? And it then gets made BETTER?! Lucky little buggers. Man, I wish I had a family library (a shed would do. I'd love a shed).

  2. I tell you what, if that was MY library, I'd be keeping my goddamn kids out of there, so I could have some peace in my lovely, lovely library. Those nets would be utilised in a separate containment facility, let's say.

  3. I assume if you have a traditional family library in your home there are also other rooms your kids can use for play. 1% problems.

  4. Reading net...psh that's a missed opportunity for a reading trampoline.

  5. The trick is that you rig it up so when you pull a switch it drops and conveniently packages the children for removal.

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