Retractable bed hides in the rafters

Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser hired designer Funn Roberts to create a bed that retracts into the rafters of his compact home when it's not in use. I wish they showed the mechanism in more detail -- I can't tell if it's using counterweights or motors or some other means to make hoisting the bed easier. I once built a bed-frame that hung on ropes from the crossbeams of the warehouse I was renting; it rocked gently, like a hammock, and I loved it. But I never quite figured out how to retract it into the flies when it wasn't in use.

Adjustable Bed Compact House [Fubiz] (via Neatorama)

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  1. Found a shot of the counterweight. In the closer picture with the cables visible, you can just make out that they're all routed along the wall in the same direction.

    edit: and seeing that, it would appear that this bed is of the non-swinging variety. Though adding some harware, and probably changing the last vertical run of cable to a single/thicker strand would probably be a decent way of changing that.

  2. oldsma says:
  3. mrBlaQ says:

    I thought the same thing at first but it's not true. There's a counterweight. The cable is for that box light installed under the bed.

  4. Here's the detail from the original* article in Dwell:

    "The pulley system that controls the hanging bed needed some serious hardware, including a 300-pound steel counterweight that’s hidden in a corner of Kartheiser’s closet."

    *it's pretty un-cool that fubiz (and neatorama) freely used a whole bunch of photos and descriptions directly from the original article without so much as mentioning the source. I don't read french, but the fubiz article certain had the appearance of an original piece, even though they clearly knew the source, since they did link to the architect's profile on

  5. It would be easy enough, and wise, to introduce a ratchet-type fail-safe, similar to an elevator's

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