New studies suggest smarter sleep therapy may help people who suffer from depression

The first of four studies on a poorly-understood link between sleep quality and depression indicates that when antidepressant medication and insomnia therapy are used together, recovery from depression is more thorough, and faster. (Thanks, Miles O'Brien)

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  1. apoxia says:

    As a psychologist in an inpatient ward I hear a lot of "last night I didn't sleep one wink" while the clinical notes report the person was asleep on all (or most) watches (sometimes snoring is noted). I often choose not to focus on sleep issues as it's pretty much impossible a lot of the time to convince people that for a lot of the night they are actually asleep and don't realise this because often we don't remember being asleep. Even studies that have hooked people up to EEG while they sleep to show they were asleep fail to convince people. I've spent a significant amount of time today talking to two patients about this very subject. Sleep is difficult!

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