Rollerball pen draws conductive circuits

Laura sez, "Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that draws with conductive silver ink-it makes building circuits as easy as doodling. Electroninks just launched a Kickstarter to fund the pen. They make low-cost, high-quality electronics for STEM education. The pen could replace breadboards and lets you prototype instantly. The pen only costs $20 plus they're offering kits for kids and Makers. You can use it with Makey Makey and Arduino. It's pretty cool, check out the video! I love their utilitarian vibe."

Looks like a good team, too! $30 gets you the basic kit.

Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly

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  1. Stole the idea from L. Ron in Battlefield Earth.

  2. I thought that too! smiley

    But on a more serious note, $30 for the basic / $50 for the "makers" kit is a nice deal and an awesome gift. I wish they were shipping by Christmas but I'll go ahead and send a couple of their gift certificates out to help push them (hopefully way) over target.

  3. I don't personally see it as completely replacing breadboarding for circuit prototyping, but I'd be interested in seeing what people come up with once the product gets into enough hands.

    Also, I wonder if the graphite in a thick soft pencil lead would be conductive enough to do something like this. There's also old-school silverpoint drawing where you just pop a length of .999 or sterling silver wire (preferably annealed dead soft) into a lead holder to make drawings. They don't really lay down a heavy line though.

    Cool idea for the pen though.

  4. I'm hanging out for the version where you draw the symbols for components that then work. That ways I'll be able to draw batteries and never have to buy them again!

  5. twerpy says:

    This, plus the LED Stickers. Best. Notebook doodles. Ever. Just imagine what Vi Hart could do with this...

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