Your brain is all squishy: An anatomical demonstration

This video was made by the University of Utah Brain Institute to teach medical students about what a brain looks and feels like before it gets preserved in formalin and takes on the texture of a hard rubber ball.

The big takeaway message: Your brain is seriously squishy. So squishy, in fact, that a finger can dent it. As professor Suzanne Stensaas explains, this is one of the reasons why cerebrospinal fluid is so important. Your brain has to float in that fluid. If it didn't, it would come to rest against the side of your hard skull and quickly end up deformed.

Seriously, this is a fascinating (if extremely graphic) video. (Hilariously, given that fact, it opens with an image of a student eating.) Definitely worth watching!

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  1. IMB says:

    That was interesting and now my brain feels so vulnerable. I wish she would have explained the significance of the blood that was seen prior to death. Also, as someone who hasn't seen a lot brains, it would be nice to know the age of the person, since she mentioned the size and appearance was normal for a patient "of this age".

  2. Pretty freaky that in that blog was someone's entire set of memories, a personality - someone's being. She's carrying it around like it's no big deal. I guess she has to - thinking about it deeply is deeply disturbing.

  3. "Now here you can see the blah blah, and over here if we turn it this way is the blah blah blah, underneath the blah blah blah blah-blah."

    I should have paid more attention in Biology class.

  4. lectio says:

    I think what's even more horribly fascinating is the vague sound of saws in the background. Egads.

    (overall, I think she's being very respectful of the brain and the deceased.)

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