Rob Ford police document: allegations of heroin use and more

Another tranche of police documents on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been released [474 page (!) PDF]. Despite the mayor's insistence that all of his secrets were now out in the open and he had nothing more to hide, the new materials contain several bombshells, including allegations of heroin use, bribing crooks with marijuana, and lying about the infamous crack video.

Toronto Life has handpicked a few of ole Laughable Bumblefuck's most egregious offenses from the new doc. They include testimony from gang members that they witnessed the mayor taking heroin; that Ford's enforcer David Price believed that Anthony Smith had been murdered over the crack video; that Ford bribed gang members with 1.5kg of marijuana for the return of his stolen phone, and that the mayor offered a car and $5,000 cash for the crack video, before he told the public that he had no knowledge of the video and believed it didn't exist.

Of course, none of this is likely to decrease Ford Nation's confidence in the mayor. Ford came to office through two tactics: first, a divisive appeal to suburbanites in which he falsely claimed that their tax dollars were being squandered on vanity projects in the city (the mayor's own auditors discovered almost no discretionary spending in the municipal budget); second, through having a gigantic staff whom the mayor dispatched to respond to voters' individual problems, filling potholes and so forth on demand, without regard to the most cost-efficient or sensible way of maintaining Canada's largest city.

These twin populist tactics have won the hearts and minds of enough suburbanites to keep Ford in their hearts, seemingly without regard to his character, his crimes, or his competence.

New bombshells from police documents suggest Rob Ford may have tried heroin, been blackmailed [Matthew Fox/Toronto Life]

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