Zombie unicorn

Tully's "Zombie Unicorn," posted to CGHub, is the unicorn we've all dreamt of, but never dared to conjure forth. If only I could buy this as a life-size piece for the office (or even just the head on a trophy plaque).

Zombie Unicorn (via Ghosthostess of the House)

Notable Replies

  1. jerwin says:

    That doesn't look like a cone snail.

  2. kaddej says:

    I need to request a non-zombie unicorn chaser.

  3. I have to admit that, living in the part of the country where the lawn flamingo was invented, I'm very tempted by some of the zombie lawn flamingo variants.

  4. It's a rhinoceros horn. Given that rhinos are one of the the creatures which may have inspired the unicorn myth, that horn is absolutely right.

    As far as "most dangerous animals" -- Dunno why, given that there are lots of other horned critters out there, some of whom have an equal reputation for nasty tempers. Consider the fact that Yellowstone Park, which has finally convinced city-slicker tourists that Bears Aren't Cuddly, is now having to advise them that bison are also dangerous. (A ton of muscle, two horns, can wreck a bus if they're feeling threatened. "They can run 35MPH. You can't." Herbivorous does not mean harmless.)

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