Atheist Christmas carol: There's No Christmas in Hell

Sean sends us, "An atheist Christmas anthem, written by Pillow Army frontman Tim Franklin," and adds: "(Pillow Army opened for/played with Cory at a Seattle stop on a book tour a few years ago)."

They certainly did. Pillow Army has since become one of my favorite acts (check out Model Citizen from To Comfort And Destroy). Nice to see Tim rockin' for the holidays!

Tim Franklin - "There's No Christmas In Hell (And That's Why I'm So Sad)" (Thanks, Sean!)

Notable Replies

  1. Seems a bit redundant for an Atheist anthem, of course there is no Christmas in Hell, because there is no Hell.

    That would be a better title for a Satanist carol.

  2. dacree says:

    Just to be clear, atheism has zero to do with anti christian rhetoric and hate. That's another thing entirely.
    While some atheists do hate and speak out against organized religions like christianity, that is their personal fight and not something most atheists agree with or participate in.

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