Iron Maiden's social-media/piracy success story was wrong(ish)

Contrary to my post from earlier this week, Iron Maiden did not decide to tour latinamerica based on Internet analytics about the countries where their music was most pirated. The author of the story made an "error." However, there was research showing that the countries where Maiden was making millions from live shows were also the countries where their music was pirated most.

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  1. Whew. Back to claiming piracy supports drug dealing, terrorists, and pedophiles for the RIAA and MPAA I guess.

  2. Ok, there's the link to the old story.
    Where's the link about the mistake the author made?

  3. brunoc says:

    They have been touring Latin America since I can remember. They have a HUGE following there and they've known this forever. Maiden concerts are pretty an yearly event in Brazil, for instance.

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