"The Toy" by Ray and Charles Eames

Socks Studio has a short article and a bunch of photos of "The Toy."

“The Toy” was a self-assembly project made in 1951 by Charles and Ray Eames and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. This construction kit for children sums up the simplicity and playfulness of most of the Eames’ works. It comprised dowels with pierced ends, pipe cleaners and brightly colored panels (four square and four triangles) of plastic-coated resistant stiff paper. The pieces of “the Toy” came packed in a hexagonal tube and could be used to produce multiple structures, playhouses, theatres and shelters.

"The Toy" by Charles and Ray Eames (Via This Isn't Happiness)

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  1. Will someone please post an actual personal childhood memory (good or bad!) of playing with this Eames Big Toy?

  2. For real? I'm just trying to get some real world feedback from somebody who actually had and played with this toy as a kid. Why? I'm curious... As a trained industrial designer and huge fan of the Eames, I love the design, even without its cool midcentury vibe...but as a professional toy designer/inventor I also know kids often are disinterested in these kind of "non-commercial," artsy and, some might say, elitist toys. For about the same money ($3.50 in 1952) you could have had more commonplace toy like a Roy Roger's cap gun and holster or a Tonka Truck or a litho steel filling station/garage play set.

    Bottom line: was this Eames BigTtoy fun for kids to play with?

  3. Sorry, not for realz.
    I'm quite sure that I would have loved it as a kid - it is pretty close to a kid's perfect toy I.e. cardboard box.

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