Jobs wanted "a little man in every Mac"

"It was one of Jobs's most whimsical ideas," writes John Brownlee. "A mysterious cartoon character that would live inside each Macintosh computer. Then, the grim practical reality of early computing set in. This is the legend of Mr. Macintosh.

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  1. daneel says:

    What an appallingly shit idea.

  2. See, it is not as crazy as it sounds! I love how people would get freaked out when they "knocked" on the monitor glass.

  3. I see you're trying to add a whimsical cartoon character to your operating system. Would you like some help with that?

  4. Little known fact: Mr. Macintosh's cameo never made it past the cutting room floor, but his granddaughter Siri is now a huge voice in the company.

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