Scalzi's Redshirts coming to TV

John Scalzi's Hugo-winning, existentialist comedy space opera novel Redshirts is being adapted into a TV series by FX -- it's a natural! This is just wonderful news -- intelligent, funny science fiction from a novelist who plays with the tropes of the field, it's just what TV needs. Congrats, John!

Here's my review of Redshirts: "Redshirts both realizes and transcends its premise, and is at once a tribute to, and a piss-take on, the best and worst that space opera has to offer. It's the sort of thing that science fiction is especially good at, and the sort of thing for which Scalzi is justifiably loved."

Redshirts TV Series FXEXCLUSIVE: John Scalzi’s 2012 comedic sci-fi novel Redshirts is headed to the small screen. FX has teamed with veteran feature producer Jon Shestack (Dan In Real Life) and producer-director Ken Kwapis (Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants) and his partner Alexandra Beattie to develop a limited series based on the book, which won the 2013 Hugo Award. Search is underway for writers to pen the adaption, with Kwapis set to direct the opening episode. He, Shestack and Beattie executive produce.

FX Adapting Sci-Fi Novel ‘Redshirts’ As Limited Series [Nellie Andreeva/Deadline]


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  1. Fantastic!

    Wish they'd adapt Octavia Butler's Kindred too. It'd make a great mini-series.

  2. The Parable novels would also make a good series.

  3. I'm torn on this one. I liked the premise and the first half of the book, but the last half or so left me bored. It wasn't badly written, I just didn't think the plot had much legs once the big reveal was done.

  4. I made the mistake of reading Zoe's Tale before The Last Colony. So that pretty much ruined that for me.

  5. I quite enjoyed Redshirts, particularly after the big reveal happened... I'm not sure what angle they're going to take for a TV show though.

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