Continued efforts to acknowledge Emperor Norton's bridge

While 'officials' have named the span for Willie Brown, efforts continue to recognize Emperor Norton's bridge as his own.

This in from SF Weekly:

Late Monday night, a group of unidentified artists installed a large sign at the Bay Bridge onramp at Fifth Street, commemorating Joshua A. Norton, not Willie L. Brown. Norton was a famed 19th Century San Francisco eccentric, known for his many, many proclamations, notably the one where he declared himself Emperor of the United States, and later tacked on "Protector of Mexico" to his title. In addition, Norton is best-known for his many decrees about bridges and tunnels that he had hoped to build, connecting San Francisco and Oakland.

S.F. Artists Snub Willie Brown, Install Rogue Sign Naming New Bay Bridge After Emperor Norton via SF Weekly

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  1. univac says:

    Check out a video I shot driving across the Emperor Norton I bridge on the first day it was open to the public:

    [vimeo 79551629 w=695 h=390]

    Willie Brown bridge is a terrible name for it. Emperor Norton I would be a much better name!

  2. Geth says:

    I support naming it the Emperor Norton, both because it more properly suits the nonconformism San Franciscans are known for, and also because I find the modern trend of names public structures after living persons to be in very poor taste.

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