Pixel-art on classic furniture

Trip Pixel Furniture, from Studio Badini Createam/Seletti, adds pixellated fine-art images to the Trip line of furniture, created a tastily dissonant juxtaposition of modern glitchiness with ponderous, weighty French classic furniture.

If you are one to embrace modern technology, then you will surely be intrigued by this new Pixel Furniture range. Designed by Studio Badini Createam for Italian Design House Seletti, the Trip Pixel Collection combines the classic shapes of the existing Trip Furniture with the addition of a pixelated portrait. The juxtaposition of classic French design and eccentric finish makes this range perfect for anyone looking to add humor and intrigue to their interior.

Unconventional Pixel Furniture Adding Intrigue to Modern Rooms (via Wtbw)

Notable Replies

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that in ten years, the people who buy these will be very embarrassed about them.

  2. "Pixel art" generally means art that was created in a bitmap editor and displays the associated characteristics (crisp edges, high contrast, limited palette, etc.) If turning an image into a bitmap makes it pixel art, then every GIF and JPG ever made qualifies.

    Though I suppose it's a tricky distinction; this may not be pixel art, but it is art with visible pixels.

    In any case, man, that does not look good. It's some nicely-made furniture and I love the pixel aesthetic, but they go together like pickles and ice cream.

  3. It's certainly drawn the ire of the curmudgeon contingent. That too is no indicator of quality.

  4. There's no excuse for spoiling good original veneer. Please tell me this is only done with damaged furniture.

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