AT-AT rocking horse

Jen from Cake Wrecks made this amazing AT-AT rocking-horse, documenting the build online (she's promised plans to follow). It will be auctioned for charity at Megacon by the Florida chapter of the 501st Legion.

As I said, little Isaiah (son of my Wrecky minion Julianne - and resident of the Ninja Nursery, if you remember that!) was afraid of rocking on the AT-AT, even though he loved it and kept standing next to it and patting it. So to help him feel brave, I got him a Vader mask and cape. And, hey, never underestimate the power... of a Vader mask and cape:

Isaiah is rocked all the way forward here, so as you can see the bumpers really prevent it from going very far. (He didn't want to rock backward at all. Heheh.)

If you missed it, you can see some construction shots of the AT-AT here. Oh, and I still don't have a pattern for you guys, but I promise it's on the to-do list!

Finished AT-AT Rocker Reveal!

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  1. Old says:

    That is most excellent, even if it's not made of cake.

  2. Imperial walkers always strike me as a phenomenally bad idea. In The Empire Strikes Back it seems like if one of the speeders had simply slammed into the side of a walker at high speed it would knock it over. Not to mention how easy it is to take the things down with some cable or, in the case of the two-legged walkers, with Lincoln logs.

    Making one into a rocking horse is a huge improvement. It's much harder to tip over.

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