Daniel Pinkwater serializes Bushman Lives! sequel on Twitter

Daniel Pinkwater's Bushman Lives! was one of my favorite young adult novels of 2012. Unfortunately, his publisher refused to give him an advance contract for the sequel, so he's seemingly parted ways with them. Instead, Pinkwater is serializing the sequel through his Twitter account. It's (unsurprisingly) wonderful so far.

I had a book in mind, but the publisher changed its policy. Instead of offering a contract in advance, after which I would write the book, as they had for The Neddiad, The Yggyssey, Adventures of a Cat Whiskered Girl, and Bushman Lives, they said they would be willing to look at a finished manuscript for another book, and possibly publish it. I had no confidence in the editor, and besides I’ve never done it that way with a novel. There didn’t seem to be any point in approaching another publisher with what they would regard as part of a series published by another company. So I haven’t written that book. I would like to write it, and I’m considering publishing it as an ebook, or possibly offering it as a serial online, chapter by chapter.

Is Daniel Pinkwater Serializing His New Novel on Twitter?