Interview with photographer of extreme street fashion in Tokyo

Ten years ago, photographer Thomas C. Card read a newspaper article about the extreme makeup and outfits being worn by Japanese club kids. He never forgot about it and in 2012 he returned to Tokyo to photograph people from various fashion subgenres. He published the photos in a very large and beautiful book called Tokyo Adorned, which came out this week. Here’s my interview with Thomas.

See more photos from Tokyo Adorned, at Wink, a new website about remarkable books that belong on paper (My wife Carla is the editor and Kevin Kelly and I are contributors)

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  1. Bought it, thanks for the tip. Looks great. One of the things I love about this sort of street fashion is, it would totally blend into a comic book like Transmetropolitan, or other things in that vein. Which as far as I'm concerned, means WE HAVE ARRIVED! smile

  2. I'm happy to say that I went to the launch party for the book in NYC, where a few of the book models showed up! I got my copy signed at the amazing event. Seeing the pictures in larger-than-life format was a special treat; the amount of detail in the prints is stunning.

    Go get this while you can--this strikes me as one of those amazing books that will only have one full-sized run, and if you don't get it now you will be kicking yourself.

  3. I wish Wink were a podcast. I'd love to listen to interviews like this on my way to work, as often as possible.

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