Interview with photographer of extreme street fashion in Tokyo


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  1. NickyG

    Bought it, thanks for the tip. Looks great. One of the things I love about this sort of street fashion is, it would totally blend into a comic book like Transmetropolitan, or other things in that vein. Which as far as I'm concerned, means WE HAVE ARRIVED! smile

  2. jenonymous

    I'm happy to say that I went to the launch party for the book in NYC, where a few of the book models showed up! I got my copy signed at the amazing event. Seeing the pictures in larger-than-life format was a special treat; the amount of detail in the prints is stunning.

    Go get this while you can--this strikes me as one of those amazing books that will only have one full-sized run, and if you don't get it now you will be kicking yourself.

  3. Beholder

    I wish Wink were a podcast. I'd love to listen to interviews like this on my way to work, as often as possible.

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