The coming "cyberpunk" entertainment war

William Gibson's books often feature big, sinister corporations co-opting near-future technological wonders to uncertain ends. Facebook buying Oculus fits right in there! John Brownlee heralds the coming "cyberpunk war" to be fought by giant multinational corporations, in the future entertainment dystopia you were always promised. [Fast Co]

Notable Replies

  1. Okay, I was wary about this until now. But if Facebook's acquisition of Oculus means CYBERPUNK WAR, then I'm on-board!

  2. Team Tessier-Ashpool?

  3. vs. Team Blue Ant?

  4. As long as the space rastas are involved, I am down, Also when do we get to move on to the bay bridge.

  5. Hrm..... Facebook IS the color of television tuned to a dead channel...

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