Playing Jenga with heavy earth-moving equipment

In Stack competitions, a bunch of earth-moving equipment plays a monster-scale game of Jenga with 600lb blocks of wood -- pretty amazing skill on the part of the operators!

This is pretty amazing, but don't get too excited about Cat's equipment. Remember, this is the company that bought an Ontario factory, got a huge, multi-year tax break out of the government, then, pretty much the day it ran out, demanded a 50% wage-cut from the union, refused to negotiate, then closed down the factory, fired its workforce just before Christmas, and split town, having waxed fat on corporate welfare. No amount of fun promotional Jenga games can change the fact that if Cat's corporate personhood was literal, the company would be such an obviously dangerous sociopath that it would be permanently institutionalized to protect the rest of society.

Built For It Trials - Stack: Largest Board Game Played with Cat Excavators (via JWZ)

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  1. I presume he's talking about Cat Footwear. That's the shoe brand made by Caterpillar licensee Wolverine. If so, it seems like the right topic.

  2. So tell me about your 3lb jenga blocks.

  3. A friend of mine worked in a shoe store in London, Ontario; they dropped the CAT branded product like a hot rock after the locomotive plant was shut down.

    I am sure there are PLENTY of great products that are manufactured or distributed by sociopathic companies... Just because they feel good on your feet does not make them good for the planet or the local economy.

  4. Sometimes "IT" is knocking down people's homes that don't belong to you. Yeah, they've got a tool for that tooTeddy Bear

  5. miasm says:

    Came here to point out the same thing.
    CAT has quite the reputation with people who pay attention to abuses of human rights.

    But I think I'll post some more about Caterpillars population-clearance series of 'tools'.
    I didn't have to look very far, Britain has had many such stories published in the last couple of decades.

    This one is good if you like to see psychopathic responses by empathyless corporate entities.

    Such amazing machines!

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