Scattered: Short film adapted from Ken MacLeod story

Joshua sez, "This atmospheric film is the first ever screen-adaptation of the work of award-winning sci-fi author Ken MacLeod. Scattered examines society's relationship with its past through a son's relationship with his father, and challenges our established ideas of destruction and terrorism through a crime that is as surprising as it is all-consuming. As all great sci-fi should, Scattered offers a vision of the future that illuminates the present."

McCloud's work is brilliant -- have a look at my review of his dystopian masterpiece Intrusion. (Thanks, Joshua!)

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  1. MacLeod's Intrusion was the most notable fiction I read last year (based on Cory's recommendation). A brilliant very near future take on surveillance (among other things) that is pervasive not merely on the part of 'the government' but on the part of local governments, organizations, small klatches of people with shared interests, and individuals. In fact, one of the most notable elements of the novel was the fine gradation of the state and coercion from micro to macro that MacLeod portrayed. The reproductive rights issues, and the right of unarticulated dissent in the book were also compelling.

    I am delighted to see his work being engaged in new media.

  2. Don't forget Alasdair Gray!

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