Wooden marshmallow catapaults, arbalests, and trebuchets

I'm at Penguicon -- a science fiction and free software convention in Michigan -- this weekend, and my top dealer's room find were the wooden armaments of Ancient Artillery. These handcrafted wood catapaults, crossbows, arbaleses and trebuchets use taut string and precision-shaped wood to fire mini-marshmallows and nerf darts all over the room. They're quite gorgeous, and work like a charm.

Marshmallow Catapults

Notable Replies

  1. That should be "catapults" or "catapultae."

    That should also be "arbalests."

  2. No wheels for the trebuchet? Color me disappointed.

  3. My favourite trebuchet ever.

  4. The only thing more impressive than a successful trebuchet launch is an unsuccessful trebuchet launch.

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