9th grader ignored by school board runs for a seat on the board

Bridget Erickson, a freshman at St Paul, MN's Nova Classical Academy tried unsuccessfully to get the school board to create a student advisory seat on the board. Roundly ignored, she turned to the by-laws governing the board and discovered that there was no minimum age for board members, so she's now she's running for a full-fledged seat on the Nova Classical Academy school board.

Erickson is one of three candidates vying for two community member seats. She's up against Tonya Johnson Nicholie and Roxane Lehmann. Her opponents have both served on the board before, but Erickson believes she has the upper hand.

"I think that I can understand Nova from the ground up and it's important to see that since this is a community member spot. Nova's community isn't only outside of Nova's walls it's also the students," the ninth grader said.

St. Paul 9th grader runs for school board [Boua Xiong/Kare]

Notable Replies

  1. good for her

  2. If she wins, won't that prove the board right? If she wins then clearly students do not need an advisory seat on the board, because they can run in open elections.

  3. Not necessarily. It proves only what we already know - that they can run, that they may or may not win, and that any time no student wins a board seat, the views and interests of students risk going unrepresented until the next board elections.

    It remains a valid position that the interests of students are sufficiently unique, sufficiently different from those of the broader community, and sufficiently closely tied to the school's governance, that a position specifically for students would be appropriate.

  4. I've got $5 says that the first item on the next board agenda is voting in an age limit on board nominees. Any takers? Anyone?

  5. she found a loophole and exploited it to her benefit...she will make a fine politician.

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