Cover Blubber: stretchy, reusable airtight food-wrap

Cover Blubber is a reusable, elasticated, food-safe wrap that snaps around your leftovers with an airtight seal. It also works great for sealing paint cans and other crafty/makery use. You can get four of various sizes at Thinkgeek for $20.

Cover Blubber

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  1. Contains no BPA or Phthalates

    Sounds much better than most plastic wraps. Then again, most plastic products without BPA are even worse than those with BPA apparently. In other words, they release even more synthetic estrogen than plastics with BPA do.

    (video and transcripts)

    Since this is apparently a rubber product, is this not estrogenic at all or only has very low levels?

  2. According to ThinkGeek, it's EU approved as well as FDA. That's a good sign.

  3. Another recently released food saver is @FoodHuggers. Great Kickstarter that got funded and that continues to make waves.

  4. no, they're in on The Plot to feminize the male population, you see…

  5. This was on Chad's Crappy Corner from a few weeks back on the Daily Giz Wiz. Apparently it smells funny.

    @codinghorror Embeds with timestamp now seem to work, but when embedded this video jumps to 10 minutes in advance of where the timestamp is. Weird. PS fistbump you and discourse also got a mention in TWiG last week.

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